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Best stock managementsolution for your retail business

Make your business more efficient by automating complex tasks like stock analysis and demand forecasting. Manage stocks, improve your cash flow, and save precious time.

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Stock management system with a difference

Stock management system with a difference

Stock management system with a difference

Stock management is one of the most important parts of running a retail store. Zadinga helps you simplify stock management by automating the whole process. With Zadinga, you can:

  • Manage stocks easily
  • Add products within seconds
  • Perform stock analysis and stock taking
  • Engage in demand forecasting to set correct inventory levels
  • And do much more!

Zadinga is not just a stock management app. It is a complete shop management tool that helps you with the entire range of business operations, from stock taking to billing and doorstep delivery.

Why is stock management software important?

Why is stock management software important?

Stock management deals with the issue of how much goods you should store in your shop or warehouse to cater to the customer demand. A quality stock management software can help you improve your profits through comprehensive stock analysis and demand forecasting. Read about why it is important to opt for a good stock management software to run your retail business:

  • Avoid overstocking and out of stock situations
  • Manage stocks efficiently to improve cash flow
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Improve customer experience by maintaining adequate stock levels of in-demand products
  • Improve stock monitoring and stock control

The right stock management software can allow you to monitor the stocks that your customers need and purchase them in time. Downloading Zadinga allows you to turn your mobile phone into a powerful shop management system that can manage stocks, improve business efficiency, and prevent time wastage on manual stock management labour.

Why is stock management software important?

Works best for the following business categories.

Kirana, Grocery and
FMCG Store

Bakery and
Confectionery Store

Electronics and



Book Store

Luggage Store

Car Accessories

Key features of Zadinga’s stock management system

Key features of Zadinga’s stock management system

Zadinga allows you to take advantage of advanced stock management features to easily plan and manage stocks in your shop or warehouse.

  • Offline and online stock management for seamless business operations
  • Smart stock onboarding through multiple modes like readymade catalogue, product search and suggestions, barcode scanner and product form
  • Real-time reports for comprehensive stock taking and demand forecasting
  • Online stock backup to allow you to access your data even when you switch to a different device

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