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Easily track your inventory, know which items sell fast, which items expire soon. Invest on right inventory & earn better profit.

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Online and Offline Inventory Management

Online and Offline Inventory Management

Online and Offline Inventory Management

Inventory count is always a time-consuming task, but we've made it easier for you. Whether someone buys a product in-store, on your website, or at an online marketplace, your stock levels get updated everywhere, instantly. Receive low and out-of-stock alerts on the checkout screen to easily reorder stock in advance.

  • Your data is forever secure even when you switch to a different device.
  • View a list of all your products with real-time quantity levels.
  • Syncs stock from multiple online channels such as Amazon and Flipkart.

How To Manage Inventory Using Zadinga?

How To Manage Inventory Using Zadinga?

Manually updating inventory is a thing of the past. No matter how vast your inventory, Zadinga's automated onboarding process will help you save tons of man-hours and avoid human errors.

  • Readymade catalogue
    Readymade catalogue

    Add products to inventory within seconds. Choose from over 10,000 products on our readymade catalogue in Zadinga, the best-in-class inventory management app.

  • Product search & suggestions
    Product search & suggestions

    Fill product details faster. Zadinga uses your inventory data to offer auto-suggestions and accelerate stock onboarding.

  • Barcode scanner
    Barcode scanner

    Our inbuilt barcode scanner allows you to add products swiftly with a simple barcode scan.

  • Simple product form
    Simple product form

    Use our simplified product form to add new items to the catalogue and ease inventory management.

How To Manage Inventory Using Zadinga?

Works best for the following business categories.

Kirana, Grocery and
FMCG Store

Bakery and
Confectionary Store

Electronics and



Book Store

Luggage Store

Car Accessories

Benefit Of Inventory Management Software For Your Business

Benefit Of Inventory Management Software For Your Business
  • Track and locate inventory within seconds
  • Real-time inventory update
  • Automated low stock alerts for all products
  • Avoid over-stocking of products
  • Saves cost, time and effort by eliminating manual work
  • Get stock reports to identify best-selling products
  • Updates inventory from offline and multiple online channels
  • Automatic identification of products with barcode scanner

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