Check which locations are supported for
delivery service and online payment

Check which locations are
supported for delivery service
and online payment

Currently hyperlocal delivery is available at select PIN codes in
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Pune

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What is hyperlocal delivery?

Hyperlocal delivery means the delivery of goods from the seller to the customer within a small geographical area. Businesses may either employ delivery boys, or avail the services of logistics companies, to perform the task. Businesses that offer hyperlocal delivery service generally tend to witness higher sales as customers find it convenient to order from them.

Given the positive impact it could have on your business, hyperlocal delivery is a must for businesses which cater to a local customer base. This type of of model can:

  • Give you the opportunity to increase your sales
  • Help build a sustainable and future-ready business ecosystem
  • Ensure maximum result with minimum effort

Some businesses which could benefit from this type of delivery service are kirana and grocery, personal care, stationery and books, electronics and appliances, and bakeries.

How does hyperlocal delivery work in retail?

Adopting a hyperlocal delivery model can be one of the fastest ways of growing your retail business. A successful delivery service requires you to combine ordering, billing, and logistics in a seamless manner. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a local delivery service that allows you to offer grocery delivery and on demand delivery to customers.

A hyperlocal delivery order typically involves the following key steps:

  • Placing the order by the customer
  • Receiving the order by the seller
  • Billing the customer for the product
  • Pick up of the item from the shop by the delivery agent
  • Same day delivery to the customer’s doorstep

As a local business, your website must be equipped with an online ordering service. It must allow you to accept and process same day delivery. The presence of a live tracking system enables both you and the customer to track the order in real time. You must also hire delivery boys or tie up with a logistics partner for doorstep delivery. Zadinga offers all these services including access to our local delivery partners, Dunzo, to make near me delivery easy for you.

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